Rain Forest Extensions


Manu National Park

For four days, this natural paradise will offer you the best conditions to observe and photograph the wildlife. All this due to the innate conditions that can only be found in an area of difficult access as the Manu National Park. All our tours were developed by guides specialized in flora and fauna and authorized by the Chief of the Manu National Park. With this, we can guarantee the best experience. View Details ->


Comprised in the Manu Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO Humankind Natural Heritage site since 1987, the park’s vast animal and plant diversity thrive in the site’s more than 1.76 million hectares ranging from high Andean to tropical rainforest ecosystems where trees tower above 45 meters / 146 feet. View Details ->


Tambopata National Park

Travelling to Tambopata National Reserve offers a rare opportunity to discover a lively biodiversity of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and trees. Record-setting numbers of animal species are concentrated within small areas, and the variety of plant life is greater than almost anywhere in the world. To help you experience the wonder of this magic place, we have prepared a suggested itinerary for your stay. View Details ->


The Amazon rainforest, it is also well known as Amazonia. It is one of the world’s greatest natural resources. The Peruvian Amazonia has the major fauna and flora diversity in which all visitors have the opportunity to have what a natural paradise can give you. The sound of the Amazon River, the whole natural environment, the sing of the birds; all combined in just one place give all travelers the peace and adventure that they are looking for. Vies Details ->


The Amazon rainforest of Peru is one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. It houses 15% of all known species of terrestrial plants and around 10% of the mammals in the jungle. In one hectare of forest can be found up to 300 different species of trees. In the Peruvian Amazon also home to about 220,000 people from 180 indigenous tribes living in the interior of the Amazon jungle with a much larger number of settlers. The forest provides these people with everything from food and shelter to tools and medicines, and has a central role in the spiritual life of the Indians. View Details ->